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iStranger VC1200 - Cellphone Voice Changer

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$395.00 $34900
  • For use via a Headphone Only
  • Law Enforcement Grade Voice Changer
  • Two Voice Changing Modes
  • Heavy Duty Durable Design=
  • Built by Protect

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The iStranger is a unique voice changing system designed to be compatible with most existing cell phones. Gone are the days of landline telephones. In the modern era of smartphones comes a new era voice changer. Simply insert the voice changers headphone jack into your cellphone, hold the iStranger to your ear like a phone receiver(see picture) and speak normally. The two voice changing modes, LOW and HIGH allow for greater disguise of different voice pitches so the user can go unrecognized by other callers. The single wire design makes the iStranger easy to connect so that setup is simplistic and straight forward. The iStranger's rechargable battery offers 6 hours of battery life totalling nearly a full 8 hour shift of voice changing power. The system only turns on while the phone is in use, preserving the users battery life for when they need it most. Desighned for portability, the durable metal housing and rubber edge will withstand normal wear and tear better than most products. Simple, powerful, a true voice changing companion. 

  • Two Voice Changing Modes: High and Low 
  • Heavy duty - Durable design
  • Quick installation
  • Portable
  • Rechargable Battery

What's Included
  • 1-iStranger
  • User Manual
  • USB charging cable
  • Use in Headphone jack only
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Rechargable battery
  • Battery life: 6 Hours
  • Voice Changing Modes: LOW and HIGH