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Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector

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$200.00 $14995
  • RF Detector & Lens Finder in 1 Unit 
  • Law Enforcement Grade RF Detector
  • Our Best Selling Counter-Surveillance Unit
  • 3" x 1" x .5"
  • Rugged Design
  • Detects Frequences Between 20 MHZ to 6 GHZ
  • Built by Lawmate
  • Includes One Year Warranty

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Hidden Camera Detection: By using the view finder built into the RD10 from LawMate, you can quickly scan and instantly detect hidden spy cameras. it doesn't matter if the hidden spy camera is on or off, dead or alive, wired or wireless. The view finder instantly detects any hidden camera lens and displays the hidden camera through the view finders.

RF (Bug) Detection: The new generation RD10 from LawMate gives you super fast RF scanning ability and will quickly scan a room for bugs from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. With a sensitivity adjustment, you can quickly sweep a room, car, boat, office or plane.

Silent Covert Pocket Vibration Mode: You can place this small gem in your pocket and when it detects eavesdropping it will alert you by silently vibrating. You will know in an instant if it detects an RF bug, cell phone bug or sends a GPS transmission.

Digital and WiFi Detection: This advanced detector from LawMate Detects digital and WiFi transmissions so you know in an instant it confidential information is being compromised in a digital manner.

What's Included

2-AAA Batteries


• Four Detectors In One!
• Hidden Camera Detector
• Finds Hidden Cameras On/Off-Wired/Wireless - Dead Or Alive!
• Blink Camera Scanner View Finder On/Off To Find Them Fast!
• Fast RF Big Scanner Detector- 20 MHz to 6 GHz
• Rugged Construction From LawMate
• Sensitivity Adjustments
• RF Signal Strength Meter Ten Colored Light Array
• Covert Pocket Silent Vibration Alert Mode
• Hidden Camera Finder Blink On/Off
• Light Weight And Small
• Telescoping Antenna transcends to a flush mount on unit
• Antenna can bend when fully extended for pinpointing alerts
• Instantly Toggles from RF Bug Detection To Hidden Camera Detection
• LawMate Brand Means Professional Law Enforcement Grade
• Size: A mere 3 inches X 1.75 inches X .5 inches thick!