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USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder 8GB

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$79.99 $3995
  • Perfect for covert, portable surveillance
  • Less charging hassle (4 hour battery life)
  • Stores 96 hours of audio

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A Flash Drive which can covertly record audio. The perfect hidden digital audio recorder for those on a Budget!

This might appear to be a standard USB Flash Drive, but it is actually much, much more. This Flash Drive has a can covertly record crisp excellent quality audio right onto its hard drive. Nobody will suspect they are being recorded on this Flash Drive!

But not only is this Flash Drive good for secretly recording audio, it's also perfect for recording your own voice, an interview or a lecture. With easy one button On-Off audio recording, high speed download and NO software required, this Flash Drive is incredibly convenient to own.
This digital audio recorder built into a USB thumb drive can attach to your keychain and features one button audio recording.

What's Included
  1. USB Voice Recorder/Flash Drive
  2. Instructions

1-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Products purchased online or from an authorized retailer and under warranty qualify for an exchange with a valid receipt. Warranty service is handled entirely by KJB Security. 

Recording Time:  80 Hours

Brand: Generic

Battery Life: 4 Hours

Covert Design: Looks like a USB Flash Drive

Phone Recording: No

Voice Activated Mode: No

Audio Quality: Average

Mac Compatible: Yes

Microphone Sensitivity: 4-8 Ft